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Exhibitions - Home demos

If several musicians are interested in trying many instruments, we offer personalized exhibitions. This has several advantages:

1. You have access to our full suite of instruments and setups.
pic_2 2. You have the advantage of trying the instruments in your environment.
3. We are on hand to make custom instrument adjustments.
4. Intonation can be adjusted to your preference.
5. Shipping delays/problems are eliminated.
6. No shipping fees!
7. We can combine it with a Workshop or Master class for your students or colleagues.
9. Our service is worldwide and at your doorstep!

Ask for details and schedules by phone or email. Or sign up for our pic_3 mailing list ,
University of Arkansas Community Music School - Fa
Arkansas Clarinet Day

University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Mu

University of Alabama (UAB) with Richard Stoltzman
15th Clarinet Day

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