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LP Studio (3-year warranty)


Super quiet action
Greater reliability
Amazingly even scale
Increased playing comfort
Darker and warmer tone
Reduced maintenance costs
Totally water resistant
L&P Studio 3-year warranty


Introduced in 2004, the L&P Studio set up utilizes our patented Silent Pad System® and features what we believe to be the most quiet action available. The reduction in pad and mechanical noise makes the Studio set up ideal for the most sensitive players such as studio musicians, soloists and chamber musicians. Players using the Studio set-up will enjoy both the advantages of quiet mechanism action, greater focus, a more even scale with consistency of tonal color, and increased resonance with a darker sound. The response is excellent, though slightly slower than the L&P Pro .

LP-Silent pad with exchangable metal resonator.
The fully synthetic L&P silent padding system® . is impervious to climate changes and moisture, making the L&P Studio uniquely easy system to maintain. The pads last far longer than even cork pads and changing them is strikingly simple.

LP-Silent padding system with integrated delerin resonator.

Pascual Martinez from the New York philharmonic has had the silent padding system on all of his instruments for many years and says: "The clarinets are fantastic!! I have never played a better set of clarinets. The L&P Silent Padding System® really makes a big difference”.

ic_4 L&P-silent padding system® for low clarinets (Basset-horn, bass-clarinet, contra alto or bass clarinet)

The silent padding system has the biggest advantages on the lower clarinets. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, it transforms the sound and playability of the instruments dramatically. After set up, the sound will be larger, in some cases up to three times as powerful. The bass clarinet will sound full and resonant, and the response fast and effortless. Check out this Sound sample:

Advantages for schools and bands

The silent-padding system was originally developed with top professional soloists in mind. The maintenance and performance advantages make it a great set up for school and band instruments. L&P-silent Padding system® maintenance

The unique design of the silent padding system offers several advantages.

1. The pads won’t need to be replaced. The pad has a base that is permanently installed inside the pad cup like any traditional pad. On top of the base is a special layer of foam which can easily be replaced with a new piece of silent pad material and ordinary household contact glue. Since the base is perfectly aligned with the tone hole, the exchanged piece of foam doesn’t need further adjustment (unless the key has been bent).
2. Large keys can either have an integrated Delrin resonator or an exchangeable metal resonator. The metal resonators can be exchanged or removed which allow further sound alterations.
3. The keys, with the pads installed, can be cleaned in a dishwasher without harming the pad or adjustment.
4. Trained repairmen, without any further instruction, can adjust the pads like any ordinary pad.

Special note for Vegans

A special note to all animal lovers –the silent pad makes the clarinet a fully vegan product.
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