Selected: Clarinet

Cracks prevention
1. When you have a new instrument or haven´t played your instrument for several weeks, we advise to follow Our break in recommendation.

2. Keep your instrument moist around 50 %- 60 % whenever possible. Instrument humidifier like Dumpit, room humidifier and larger plants in your practice room can help. Don´t forget to refill the humidifier.

3. Avoid excessive humidity in tone holes. Remove it with cigarette paper or blow it out. If the problem remains consult us for possible solutions.

4. Avoid exposure to dry warm air like from air-conditioners, hairdryer, vans, longer direct sun exposure or laying in a hot trunk in the car.

5. Avoid dry cold air as much.

6. When your instrument is very cold, worm it up with your body or by blowing slowly warm air into it.

7. Place the instrument always with the tone hole showing up. When you lay down the instrument onto a table, tilt it so that i lays on the left-hand pinky keys not the top joint side keys.

8. Take the barrel off, after you played it and dry the sockets.

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