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L&P-3 years extended warranty

All instruments with a L&P Pro, L&P Studio or L&P Soloist Setup, as well as all repairs, are covered with a 3-year extended L&P warranty. Lohff & Pfeiffer extents the 1 year manufacturer warranty to: 1. 3 years ¬? to cover production and manufacturing mistakes.
2. Adjusting the instrument to the individual needs, such as spring tension, key openings, intonation and voicing to the player preference. (Excluded from the warranty are costs for additional keys (for example the B- resonance or the low E-F mechanism) and all defects caused by wear and tear.)


Instrument can crack at any time, not just within the first couple of month.

Woodwind instruments made from grenadilla wood have a high possibility of cracking at some point. This is not caused by a defect in the wood or manufacturing but a natural reaction to the high humidity and temperature changes the instrument is exposed to when played.
Many cracks are superficial and have no influence on the playability or sound of the instrument. If a crack goes through a tone hole the instrument will have a noticeable handicap. Instruments which have the LP - tone hole crack prevention are protected. In all cases will a proper crack repair be done free of charge.
A replacement for the joint will only be granted within the first year and based on our judgement.

1. Instruments, which are not purchased from Lohff & Pfeiffer are excluded from our crack and intonation warranty.
2. All warranty repairs have to be done either by our team or authorized by us, with a written proposal/estimate from a 3rd party repair specialist.
3. The warranty does not cover problems resulting from normal wear and tear, humidity changes or inappropriate handling.

Instruments not bought from us are not covered by our crack or intonation warranty. (more...)
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