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Consumers have by Danish law the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt. On reeds for woodwind instruments, CD, DVD, books or video will not be granted a right of withdrawal if the seal is broken. Special orders or modify products on behalf of customers are not to exchange or return. If you return, the item / goods be in the same condition as on receipt and accompanied by a copy of your invoice or packing slip.
You can cancel a purchase by returning the goods to the following address personally or by post / GLS . The product shall not be regarded as delivered when we have received it. If item will be send to us the sender must keep the receipts so that he can track it if it is lost during shipping.
All original products come with 2 years warranty.
LP versions are entitled to our extended 3 year warranty.
If you should be unfortunate enough to receive the wrong item in relation to your order or damaged item, you must claim within a reasonable time after you have found the defect. Claim within 14 days, the complaint as being timely. Complaints may be notified by phone 35358643 or per. e - mail:
You can take advantage of the warranty by returning the goods or meeting in person at our office address. We reserve the right to remedy a defect / replace with undamaged item rather than refund the purchase price.


Presentation of products with a price of Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS is not a binding offer, but merely an invitation to make offers . Buyer´s order for goods from Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS does not constitute a binding acceptance, but a binding offer to Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS to buy goods on the terms. A binding agreement between Buyer and Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS is only concluded when Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS an order confirmation by the Buyer accepts tenders submitted.
The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration:
After the ordered goods have come in possession of the buyer is he responsible for eventual destruction, loss or damaged due to accidental circumstances.

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Please send an email to Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS if you need further information. We recommend always calling balanced distribution the possibility of long response times to E mail.

As a consumer you are protected by the applicable legislation, primarily Sale of Goods Act and Consumer Contracts. product Information On disclosed the essential characteristics for further information or questions about existing information please send an email to Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS. We recommend always calling balanced distribution the possibility of long response times to E mail .

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