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Full plateau system, available for Eb, D, C, Bb, A, G and Alto clarinet.
Plateau Mechanism - Covered holes

For 20 years we have offered more and more full/half covered tone-hole clarinets, also called Jazz or plateau clarinets.

They are very useful for:
1. Army, police or band musicians who have to play with gloves.
2. Doublers who prefer the feel of a saxophone or flute key work
3. Players with all sorts of hand issues like
a. Lost feeling in the fingers (diabetes)
b. Focal dystonia
c. Limited functionality (arthritis, MS)
d. Tremors (Parkinson)

You can either get your own instrument remodeled or replace it with an already transferred instrument from us. It is possible to do the alteration either for both or just one hand, depending on your needs.

We offer plateau system conversions for Eb, D, C, Bb, A and G clarinets as well as Alto clarinets with ring keys.

The sound on these converted instruments is just as robust and open as unaltered clarinets.


Full-covered Bb clarinet key systems like on oboes or bass-clarinets used to be produced by all manufacturers in the 30´s. These instruments were very popular among doublers who played saxophone and clarinet in dance and swing bands.

Unfortunately, maker after maker stopped producing them. They were very labor intensive and had acoustical problems eventually leading to their disappearance.

We decided to reintroduce them and even offer this option for A, C, D and Eb clarinets after we found satisfactory solutions to the acoustical obstacles. This provided a great opportunity for players with hand issues to continue playing.

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