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Cracks general
Woodwind instruments made from grenadilla/Mpingo/African blackwood have a high probability of cracking at one point or another. This is not normally caused by a defect in the wood or manufacturing, but is a result of humidity when played and is a natural result.

Many cracks are just superficial and have no influence on the playing ability or sound of the instrument. If a crack goes through a tone hole, the instrument will have a noticeable handicap. Instruments that already have the L&P- tone-hole crack prevention are better protected. In all cases a proper crack repair will be done without charges. A replacement for the joint will only be granted within the first year based on our judgement.

Since 2017 Grenadilla wood, a member of the jacaranda/palisander/rosewood family, is considered a rare and endangered species. See the Convention on International Trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. With this in mind, surface or cosmetic cracks will not be entitled to replacement joints.


1. Instruments that are not purchased from Lohff & Pfeiffer or Lohff & Pfeiffer USA are excluded from our crack and intonation warranty.

2 All warranty repairs have to be done either by our team or authorized by us after a written proposal from a third- party repairman.

There are different reasons why wood can crack and a good understanding can help to reduce the risk.

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