Selected: Clarinet

This leak-meter shows every leak for each tonehole.


1. Optimization: All leaks are detected and eliminated. Key play is removed. Key openings and spring pressure is adjusted and the playing characteristics optimized in different LP setups, including a choice of custom-made pads. Only now can instruments be fairly evaluated, without flaws which can lead to bypassing an otherwise excellent instrument.

2. Selection: Our large selection enables you to not only choose among different brands and a wide range of models, but from a variety of setups and many additional options.

Choose among a large selection of brands, models and setups.

3. Customization: Once an optimized instrument has been selected based on tone and response, we adjust intonation, voicing and ergonomics for the individual musician, preferably in a one-on-one session.

You can get your instrument customized the way you want it.

4. Our extended 3-year warranty: in addition to manufacturing and material defects and cracking, this covers all setup and customization work.

5. Check out our many trial possibilities.

It is our goal to adapt the instrument to the individual musician so that they will enjoy it every day. Thanks to our experience and our very well-equipped workshop, we believe we are able to live up to this considerable challenge.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Over the years we have encountered many exciting projects, some of which presented special challenges which could not be readily explained or solved by traditional acoustic applications. This led us to the development of more pragmatic and relevant acoustic models. The greater understanding, insights and experience thus gained, enable us to solve even quite complicated instrumental problems. We welcome individual issues requiring customized solutions.

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