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The seal of the instrument. A woodwind instruments is like a long tube with variable lengh. By closing and opening the different tone holes a player can alter the tones they play. This is done either with the players fingers or through pads, mounted on keys. If the tone-holes are not sealed properly, the instrument leaks, plays faulty, has less dynamic and can be out of tune.

Pads come in many different styles and have a big impact on the way the instrument plays and feels
1. Fish-skin or bladder-skin pads are inexpensive but don´t last very long. See also:Fishskin or bladder skin
2. Leather-pads are stronger, but do to their skin nature, will leak, unless specially treated. See also: Leather pads
3. Good cork pads are extremely reliable, fast responding and seal very well. See also:Corkpads
4. The LP Silent padding system is very quiet, reliable and long lasting. See also: LP Silent padding system
5. Gore-Tex pads are fish-skin pads with an additional water prove Gore-Tex layer. Goretex pads
6. The Valentino pad is a foam based pad, See also :Valentino pads
7. The Straubinger pads is a high-quality fish skin pad within a stable plastic shelf. See also:Straubinger pads
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