Flex-Rep is our Win-win
Win-Win or Flex-Repair After you have played your instrument for several years the time comes when costly repairs are needed, or a new purchase is considered. An overhaul could most likely help to improve your instrument, but that is not always the best solution for you.

Lohff & Pfeiffer offers the Flex-Repair or Win-Win program, the perfect solution if you are undecided. L&P offers to do a complete restoration of your instrument – with the option to keep it or trade it in. After the restoration, if the instrument feels 100% as you would like it, you pay for the repair. If you decide that you would like to trade it for a new instrument, you have that choice as well. You can compare the restored instrument with other used or new ones and decide what you like best. If you prefer another used or new instrument, we will not charge for the repair, instead we will trade in your old instrument for the price it was worth before the repair.

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