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L&P workshop in Vallensbæk just 10 miles from the center of Copenhagen.
How everything began

We are a small workshop specializing in the individual needs of musicians. Since 1980 we have worked closely with some of the finest musicians from around the globe. We listened and learned about their needs and expectations. Lohff & Pfeiffer's aim is to understand the individualized demands musicians make of their instruments and provide custom solutions to satisfy those demands.

Our training and experience include education as an instrument maker at the Marigaux oboe workshop in France, training with the bassoon and oboe manufacturer Fox in the United States, as well as James Keyes and the Mateki flute workshop in Japan. Further training in acoustics, tuning, and voicing soon followed. In 1989 we became a Buffet factory agent . The expertise and experience gained from over three decades of working closely with top musicians provide an invaluable asset to customers.

Having begun working exclusively with oboes, three years later, our work expanded to include bassoons, and six years later, we began to work with clarinets and eventually recorders. This slow expansion into the various woodwind families allowed insight into their individual requirements. It gave us time to truly understand the acoustics of each and the concepts that can lead to improvements from one instrument type to another.

Large selection of instruments from Ab to Contra bass

LOCATION Our modern, fully-equipped workshop provides affordable, top-quality repairs, optimization, and very individual customization. Our 3-year warranty applies to all work, from small adjustments, general overhauls, and restorations, to complex custom solutions.

Fully equipped workshop

Lohff & Pfeiffer is located in the idyllic village of Vallensbæk, a small suburb of Copenhagen, where we are pleased to welcome our customers. You can leisurely test new and used instruments or work with us one-on-one to adjust your instrument for your specific needs.

Due to demand, we cooperate with selected workshops in Germany, England, France, Poland, Italy, and Thailand. In 2011 we established a USA branch based in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington D.C. All branches are part of our Lohff & Pfeiffer team. In addition to repair techniques exclusive to Lohff & Pfeiffer, they share our philosophy and awareness of the professional musician's expectation of quality.

Normal Denmark opening hours are Monday-Friday 10-5, and Saturdays by appointment only. As we are sometimes on tour, it is best to call ahead on 1 812 929 5556 (Eastern Standard Time) or contact our Denmark office at +45 3535 8643 (6 hours ahead of EST)

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