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Birgit in our Copenhagen workshop.
General overhauls

The goal of an overhaul is to return the instrument to its former glory without changing its characteristic sound. The following work will be done:

1. Analyzing of the condition
2. Demounting of the entire mechanism
3. Thoroughly adjusting the mechanism
4. Removal of key play and if necessary replacement of rods and screws
5. Removal of all cork, felt, and pads
6. Ultrasonic cleaning of the mechanism (not available when on tour)
7. Cleaning and polishing of the body as well as mechanism (only partially possible when on tour)
8. Treating wood
9. Repairing tone holes
10. Replacing tenon corks and springs, if necessary
11. Adjusting and balancing spring tension
12. Pad and bumper fastening with secure lock
13. Installing pads and bumpers
14. Adjusting key heights
15. Testing the seal and playability

The instrument will keep its sound but will respond easier, the intonation will be more stable and the dynamic range will be wider. The mechanism will feel firm, strong, and well-balanced.

Spare instrument
In case a spare instrument is needed, one can be either borrowed or rented depending on duration and availability. Shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer.

Additional charges apply for everything not included in the base charge:
1. Ball bearings,
2. Bushings,
3. Silver or tin soldering,
4. Tone holes replaced
5. Bore replaced
6. Cracks repaired
7. Tuning and voicing
8. Fabrication of special parts
9. Metal joint connections
10. Special mechanism
11. Broken tenons, keys or pins
12. Silver/nickel/gold-plating or other surface treatments
13. Lacquering
14. Other requests

An appointment is highly recommended. Be aware that the Holiday season is very popular and often books quickly. We offer free, spare instruments so you can avoid the rush. Order a repair

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