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Silent pad with Delrin Resonator.
L&P silent pads system

In 2006, We developed the L&P Silent Padding System to accomplish several tasks. The pad should:

1. Be Extremely quiet
2. Have a firm feel
3. Respond quickly
4. Have a full and resonant sound
5. Be very durable and reliable
6. Be easy to maintain

The perfectly even surface
The solution was a pad system that consisted of different parts. First, we have to install a hard-shell base inside the pad cup that will be adjusted perfectly parallel to the tone hole and will not need to be changed! A 3-layer tempered foam is glued onto the base with standard contact glue. Since we can reproduce these foam discs accurately it is possible that the musician could replace them themselves if needed. Larger pads are prepared to hold special resonator plates to produce an even more responsive sound.

Result: The L&P Silent Padding System makes the difference you can hear!:.

The sound is very homogenous, even, warm and responsive. Large instruments encounter a huge boost in dynamic range and response. Compared to instruments with the LP-Pro setup LP-Studio instruments can be slightly slower in extreme staccato situations.

Replaceble resonators allow us to adjust the resonance and response of the instrument
The LP-Pro appears more vivid where the LP-Studio is rounder and smoother.

This pad was designed for top professionals. It is also a very good pad for schools and bands. Due to the nature of the foam, small damages on tone holes are not as problematic as they used to be. Even if the shape of the tone hole changes due to warping the pad will still cover it securely.

Special effect on bass and large clarinets The sound effect the L&P Silent Padding System has on large instruments is amazing. The extra seal makes the sound much more powerful and responsive. Listen to a great sound sample Michael Loewenstein has arranged and performs. It is written for 6 basses and shows the enormous dynamic range from the very bottom to the top.
Prince "How come U don´t call me anymore" (for 6 bass clarinets)

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