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Necks - bocals
The neck, or bocal (French), is the barrel of the lower clarinet. It differs in length, bore size, wall thickness as well as surface treatment and material.

The neck not only has a big influence on the sound and intonation of the instrument but in playing comfort for the musician. Necks are available with different curves and angles. Some can be modified.

They are usually available in either nickel or silver-plated versions. We also offer them with heavy copper, gold or black nickel plating. The different plating creates different sound spectrums.

An important detail that is often overlooked is the fit of the neck into the mouthpiece and instrument. It should be very tight to give the best projection and stability when playing.

Another option is a stabilizer which is an extra piece of metal soldered onto the neck to enhance its stability. It will often improve the projection and in general, make playing easier.

Finally, the angle of the neck has an important influence on the way you will have the mouthpiece positioned in your mouth.

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