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Eb/Bb bridge key adjustment

The adjustment of the correspondence between the lower and upper part is by far the most common. First, it must be ensured that the two body parts can be joined stably and securely. If the two parts can shake, a reliable adjustment is impossible.

Tenonwood to thinn
1. In most cases it is not the cork that is worn out, but the wood above the cork.

Here we recommend our LP metal tenon system. Apart from a reliable connection of the two body parts, the instrument also gains sound and responds better. Read more about it LP metal tenon
2.If the connection between the two parts is stable, the correspondence can be either over or under-adjusted. Assemble the two body parts so that the connecting surface of the upper key is flush with the connecting part of the lower ring key.

Now take a piece of cigarette paper and place it under the Eb pad of the lower ring key of the top joint. Then just close the ring key of the lower part until you feel the first contact. If you pull on the cigarette paper now it should have a safe resistance. If not, the connecting arm of the upper ring key must be pressed down with your fingers as shown in the first picture. Test the resistance and repeat everything until you have good contact between the pad and the cigarette paper.

If, however, the upper cushion is already in good contact, test the connection to the lower piece. Now you must put the cigarette paper under the H / B / Si pad. If you press the lower ring key down again until the first resistance, but there is no contact between the pad and the cigarette paper, the connecting surface of the upper ring flap is bent too far down. Now insert a screwdriver as shown in the picture and press the arm down slightly. Repeat until everything fits.

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