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L&P Pro (3-year warranty)


Increased seal for quick, fast and easy response
Greater reliability
Excellent tonal focus
Increased playing comfort and light finger action
Sensitive touch
Stable intonation
Sound is alive and responsive
3-year warranty


Since 1984, this set up has been available to address the needs of most musicians.

The upper joint on all high clarinets (Ab, Eb, D, C, Bb, A, and basset clarinet) is fitted with a combination of very fine pore-free and quartz-polished cork pads and double-sealed white or black leather pads. This pad choice improves durability, precision, seal, and response. The lower joint is also fitted with double-sealed white leather pads, ensuring no pad "buzz". The pads are impervious to moisture, and our pad-fitting technique eliminates any chance of them falling out.

Cork pads on the topjoint doubble impregnated leatherpads (white or black) on thelowerjoint and c#/G#

Lower instruments will have the double-sealed leather pads throughout the instrument because cork-pads would be too noisy. It also gives them a softer, warmer, and lyrical sound.

doubble impregnated leatherpads for g#/c#, ring keys and lowerjointpads

To improve the seal of the instrument, the wood and all tone holes undergo our special L&P process. The mechanism is optimized to obtain a truly airtight seal and create higher air compression inside the instrument. Spring pressure is also optimized for light, fast action.

The air/sound efficiency is greatly improved so that the tone is clear and focused, resulting in more sound for your air input. Stuffy pad noises are eliminated by balancing the clearances to cope with the higher air pressure level in the tube.

Cork pads have an expected life span of 8 to 10 years. Even though pads do become harder and therefore noisier with time, it is not uncommon to have instruments played professionally with the same set of pads for 20+ years.

The L&P Pro set up is offered on new and used instruments. We recommend that the mechanism be tightened every 4 to 5 years and that possible surface cracks in the tone holes be sealed.

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