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Reserve in advance

Reserve in advance Our menu list includes a selection of used instruments in different states of repair. Since they are highly sought after, we would like to give you the opportunity to try them as soon as they are completed. If there is something you would like, please let us know so that we can finish the refurbishment and get the instrument to you for trial. You will not be expected to purchase the instrument unless it is 100% to your satisfaction.

Options you can choose:

1. Coming Soon - This is an instrument on the way to us and soon ready for refurbishing.

2. Just Arrived - This instrument is already in our workshop, waiting to get processed. Reservations in advance will expedite the wait time.

3. In Repair - This instrument is currently being refurbished and will be available soon.

Many instruments are just waiting to get ready

4. Overhauled - This instrument has received a complete overhaul and should be available. The setup style will be indicated.

5. Overhauled and Silver Plated - as stated in option 4 but also silver plated. Plays fine and looks like brand new.

Some models are now available silverplated, which had never been offered with it before

6. Overhauled with New Top-Joint - We replaced the top-joint of the instrument because the original one had cracks. This instrument has received a full overhaul and the setup style will be indicated. Due to the new top joint, the instrument has a great centered tone and resistance like a new one..

7. Restored with New Bore - This instrument has been fully overhauled, silver-plated and the bore restored to its original state, making it perform and look like a brand new instrument! The setup style will be indicated

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