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Water protection/stopper

Water problem Water in tone holes is a common problem and can be extremely irritating.
We will always have the problem that our breath contains a high amount of water which will condense on the inside of the bore, collect into larger drops and follow gravity. There are things you can do to reduce the risk and we offer a variety of different solutions depending on the tone hole involved and the extent of irritation.

What you can do
1. Water will always follow gravity. That's why you should be very careful not to hold or place the instrument in a position that would lead the water to run into some tone holes. This often happens when you hold your instrument with the keys facing the ground.

Water will run into trill holes

2. or by laying it onto the table on the trill key side.

3. Clean the tone holes regularly.

The dirt will keep water collected in the tone hole

4. After you clean the tone holes put a little oil into the tone hole.
5. Always swab from the mouthpiece side down towards the bell.

Where we can help

1. We can insert water stoppers, which prevent water from getting into the tone hole.
2. We have different water drainage systems. Call for more details.

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