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Full plateau system, available for Eb, D, C, Bb, A, G and Alto clarinet.
Plateau Mechanism - Covered holes

Plateau systems in general
Plateau key systems are the big exception to the clarinet today. They were offered by almost all clarinet makers in the 1930s. They were preferred by the so-called Doppler, musicians who played the clarinet and saxophone. However, since the system is relatively complicated and therefore much more expensive, it was increasingly forgotten. Another problem was the problematic acoustics, as the sound was often too closed and muffled.
We have been offering fully and partially capped clarinets with lid flaps since the 1990s. They are also called jazz or plateau clarinets .

Suitable for
Plateau systems have their advantages and are often the only way to overcome some ergonomic problems. It is extremely interesting for 4 groups of players.

1. Military police and guard orchestras who also have to play outdoors in winter, because plateau clarinets allow playing with gloves.

2. For saxophonists because they have a more familiar hand feel with platinum clarinets.

3. The player with very small hands. Since the tone holes no longer have to be covered correctly, which can be problematic for small hands and, above all, very narrow fingers.

4. Players with health handicaps such as B.

     Diabetic - lack of fingertip sensation
     Arthritis Restricted Mobility
     Dystonia-Faulty Finger Coordination>      Multiple Sclerosis
     Parkinson's or Shaking Disease Tremors
     Amputation-missing phalanges

LP plateau system
The LP plateau system allows us to convert most clarinets to the plateau system without any problems. This can either be done completely or only for individual flaps. The conversion includes all necessary work such as laying the tone hole, dimensioning the hole, converting all the flaps in question, upholstering, adjusting, and tuning. These conversions are possible for Bb as well as for A or C clarinet.

Your instrument can be converted
You can either have your own instrument converted or you can replace it with an already modified instrument. If you have your own instrument converted, it should be considered whether it should be done in connection with an overhaul. In some cases, silvering the entire instrument at the same time is advisable.
Since this is an individual conversion, please ask for an offer.

What instruments are available?
We can offer the plateau instruments for Eb, D, C, Bb, A, and G clarinets as well as Alto clarinets with ring keys.

 Which brands are feasible
Most of the following brands are suitable for conversion. Buffet, Selmer, Leblanc-France, Yamaha, Schreiber, SML, Patricola, Schwenk Segelke, Amati, Uebel. Other brands on request.

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