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Gore-Tex Pads

Gore-Tex definition
GORE-TEX® was designed to help fishskin pads become water-resistant. When the fragile fishskin gets porous and water enters the pad, the pressed felt inside the pad can suddenly increase in size dramatically. Gore-Tex, a material designed for the shoe and clothing industry is watertight and prevents water from entering the pad.

Gore-Tex description
GORE-TEX® pads: To make them seal better, a layer of Gore-Tex is put around fishskin pads.

Repeatedly we encountered the above-mentioned problem. We've experienced these pads becoming damaged and causing serious problems due to water infiltration. When that happens the felt inside the pad can suddenly expand to twice its size and the instrument is unplayable. Therefore, we no longer use GORE-TEX® on our L&P setups. On new instruments, we recommend replacing GORE-TEX® pads within two years.

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