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At the Carl Nielsen Competission in Odensee/Denmark.
Masterclasses - Lectures

We are happy to offer Masterclasses and lectures, covering subjects of great interest to woodwind players. Subjects include:

1. The acoustics of instruments

Learn what kind of influence all the different parts of your instrument really have and how this can help your performance.

2. Custom instrument improvements
Learn about the wide range of new techniques to improve your instrument to perform better.

3. Finding and choosing a great instrument
A straight forward approach to make the right decisions and to avoid costly pitfalls.

4. Improving your practice routine
How to be more efficient in your practice routines.

5. How to beat the 10,000-hour rule
This can save you lots of wasted hours.

6. Instrument care and maintenance
Learn how to help yourself or your students in emergencies.

7. From breath to the brain: A fascinating journey :
1.from the creation of the tone, the sound travels through the room,
3.what happens in the brain when it analyses it, we hear/perceive it.
5.what practical use can we make out of it.

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