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Broken side key pin

Broken side key pin The left-hand side keys for the pinky have a little plastic pin at the end, which can break. If you follow these instructions it should be easy to fix it yourself:
1. Loosen the screws for the 2 or 3 side key rods.

2. Always put them back into the same position where they had been or into the key. Don't mix them up!! On instruments with a left hand Eb key, the rod is shorter than the other 2. If you would put the Eb rod into any of the other two keys, you will have a big problem to get it out again.

3. Buffet has on most models white plastic pins that stick out of the end of the pinky lever keys. When they break, the top is missing and the rest of the plastic is still stuck inside the key.

4. Your first challenge will be to get the pin out. There is a nice little trick that almost always works. Take the key with the broken pin into your hand and hold it at the lever side. Now take a lighter or candle and warm up the key about ½ inch or 1½ cm away from the end of the broken pin. The heated air, inside the hole behind the pin, will press the pin out. Don't worry that the key turns black, This can easily be wiped clean afterward. After about a minute the pin will slowly come out and you can remove it with pliers or tweezers.

5. In case you don't have a spare pin order one from our office. Press it with the thin side into the hole of the key. Otherwise, take a Q-tip or match and try to carve a new one. Make it long enough so that it resembles the original one.

Ask for our emergency package. It includes screws, springs, pins, and other emergency utilities and will be available from Aug 2020.

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