Wolfgang Lohff

Instrument maker

Wolfgang Lohff is an internationally active instrument craftsman. He received his education at the French oboe manufacturer Strasser Marigaux in Paris, France, the American oboe and bassoon maker Fox, and the Japanese flute maker Mateki. Additional education as a woodwind tuner and voicer enable Wolfgang to tackle these secretly guarded specialties.

For over 38 years, Wolfgang worked with musicians from more than 90 countries. Experiencing musicians needs from so many different cultures and environments has built an understanding for the necessity of individual solutions. In tight collaboration with many of the world´s top musicians, excellent solutions and techniques have been developed to solve numerous problems. Among them are noise reduction systems, new padding methods and systems, ergonomic improvements and the elimination of climate and humidity influence, crack prevention, water reductions and many acoustical improvements.

Wolfgang is a requested lecturer and has led workshops and seminars at international festivals and conferences in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin and South America, Israel, Asia, Tanzania and Russia.

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