Extended C#/F# and B/E key. The left hand C key is also altered to allowmore space for the C#/F# key
Key alterations

When you consider the thousands of hours an instrument is played during it’s lifetime, it might be helpful to have the keys altered to your individual needs.

The most common player-specific scenarios:

1. Short fingers: We can extend or replace the keys and levers.
2. Thin or handicapped fingers: We can change the ring keys to covered /plateau keys. This allows you to place your finger where it lies naturally. You won’t need to worry about covering the tone hole accurately anymore and your hand position can stay relaxed. We offer some beginner models as standard small-hand models.
3. Long fingers: We can shorten or replace the keys and levers.
4. Missing parts: In most cases it is possible to alter the mechanism in such a way that it is still operational if a part of a finger is missing or dysfunctional.

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