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Buffet Crampon
E 11
Instrument number: 103596

The Buffet Crampon E11 Eb-clarinet is an excellent wooden student clarinet.
The bore is well balanced and allows a free airflow with little resistance, optimal for beginners and young players. The dynamic range is stable from piano to forte and helps the student to get accustomed to a reliable intonation. The wide bore allows the use of ....Read more in Details & Options below
Details & Options  $  2.200
Buffet Crampon
Instrument number: 519939

Details & Options  $  4.990
Buffet Crampon
R 13
Instrument number: 293465

The Buffet Crampon R 13 Eb-clarinet is a professional clarinet and is one of the first poly cylindrical bored clarinets. It became the prototype of all modern clarinets and is now available in many different variations.

Today, it is primarily marketed in the US, England and the far east. The upgraded altered versions, like the Tosca ....Read more in Details & Options below
Details & Options  $  2.800
Buffet Crampon
Instrument number: 180851

The Buffet Crampon RC Eb- clarinet is a professional clarinet and has a wider bore than the R13. It is available in 440 Hz or 442 HZ. The serial number on the high pitch instruments starts with an F.

The RC was traditionally very popular in Europe, but is now played throughout the world, as it is available in lower pitches. The sound ....Read more in Details & Options below
Details & Options  $  2.800
Instrument number: 57807

Details & Options  $  2.700
68 II
Instrument number: 2212

Details & Options  $  3.200
Instrument number: 779

Details & Options  $  1.200
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