Humidity problems
Wooden as well as Greenline instruments react to humidity changes .
Plastic and metal instruments react to temperature changes .

When the humidity or temperature is lowered, the body material of the instrument shrinks.
This can have different side effects.
1. The body rings can get loose.
2. The distance between the posts (the little columns between the keys are mounted) can be diminished, which will press the keys against the holding pivot screws or posts, and prevents them from turning.
There are different solutions to these problems.
1. Increase the surrounding temperature (for plastic or metal instruments). You might want to bring it to a warmer place or warm it up with your body or just blow warm air through it.
2. Increase the surrounding humidity (for wooden or Greenline instruments). You could either wrap the instrument in humidified cloth, place a humidifier near the instrument or use a Dampit.
3. To fasten the loose rings, take the ring of, wrap a piece of paper around the body, where the ring used to be and press the ring back on. If the ring doesn’t want to go on, reduce the amount of paper, if it is still loose, add more paper.
4. To loosen the keys, unfasten the pivot screws slightly and if it is a key with a rod, take out the rod and shorten the key tube with some fine sandpaper.
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