The search trap
The search trap - What clarinets and shoes have in common Choosing an instrument is a very personal matter. You play it for many years so it fits your personal taste and playing style. Nobody can judge it better than you. For us, we are always surprised how a specific instrument just sounds better with a particular player independent of the level of playing. We have had many situations where musicians tried several instruments and found only one clarinet that felt and sounded better than the rest. Then, when the same instrument is played by someone else, it didn’t work at all. This is a bit like finding the right shoes for you; they have to feel comfortable to you and no one else.

We understand that your instrument is a big investment and an important decision and it might be helpful to have assistance in this decision. In this case we are more than happy to help you and to have an experienced player preselect some instruments for you. Everyone has individual tastes, playing styles, and needs.

We respect your opinion and that is why we have this elaborate web page where you can learn everything we offer to make an informed decision.

As a final tip, read our article How to find your instrument .
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