Custom keywork
If you have special requests, let us know. At Lohff & Pfeiffer we guarantee solutions.

Here are some examples:

Low A extension for bass clarinet will increase the range of low C bass to the low A

Basset clarinet extension for A clarinets - turns A clarinets into Mozart clarinets

Quarter-tone clarinet - enables instruments to be played in quartertone steps

Special trill key mechanisms - hard to play trills are easy to manage

Extra resonance mechanism - Hard to tune or stuffy tones become clear and easy to play

Flageolet mechanism - Allows you to play flageolets and multi-phonics on full automatic clarinets.

Greenline tenon protection Greenline instruments are made out of a blackwood/Mpingo composite wood which prevents the instrument from cracking. Greenline instruments are just as professional and refined as wooden instruments. Unfortunately, they come with one weakness, the tenon can break when exposed to a fall or hard hit.

Lohff & Pfeiffer offers special tenon reinforcement that prevent breaks when the instrument is dropped or hit.
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