Barrel issues
Typical Barrel problems:

1.Barrel gets stuck:
Humidity can enter the wood and increase the diameter of the top-joint tenon. This can cause problems, because the connection between the top-joint and barrel becomes to tight, which makes it hard or even impossible to tack the barrel off.
The solutions are:
1. Hold the barrel very tight in your hand and instead of trying to turn the barrel, wiggle it upwards. 2. Bend the barrel in all 4 directions, like you would like to break it off. Don´t try it to hard and not on Greenline instruments! .
3. Lay a leather belt around the barrel in a sling and try to turn it.
4. Just wait a day and have the instrument dry by itself.

2.Barrel wobbles
If the Barrel wobbles, lay either a threat or some tape or paper around the top-joint tenon, before you push on the barre.

3.Barrel cracks
If a barrel breaks at the top and bottom, where the tenons go in, it might be caused by physical force. To prevent that from happening, be always care full when your ensemble the joints, not to tilt the different parts.
If the barrel cracks into the bore, humidity would have caused it. It can nicely be glued. As an emergency solution, put some tape around the barrel to make it seal again. Do not use oit or grease on the crack, because that will make it difficult if not impossible to glue afterwards.

4. Loose sockets
If you have a barrel with a socket and it got loose, it can easily be glued again.

5. Barrel versus tuning rings
To change the length of an instrument just with a barrel will have its biggest effect for the notes close to the barrel. A better solution might be to combine it with some tuning rings. This way the instrument can be prolonged just a bit at the barrel and some more at the lower-joint.

6. Zoom barrels
If you turn a zoom barrel to fare apart, you might not get it to work again. Don´t use force, but give it to someone who knows how to handle it.

7. The original barrel
The original barrel was reamed together with the top-joint of the instrument when it was build. Therefor is there a good chance that it will have a very good and smooth connection to the top-joint.

Attention:See also :Choosing barrels
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