Large selection of instruments.
Lohff & Pfeiffer philosophy:
A good instrument does not need to be found - but made!

Selecting the best instrument
The Lohff & Pfeiffer approach to instrument selection is simple: They have to be in excellent condition to be judged properly. Many potentially fine instruments are rejected because they are not adequately working. Many others are never able to show neither their true potential nor possibilities.

All our instruments, whether new or used, are painstakingly set up in our workshop before being offered for trial or purchase. With the LP series, we are able to offer a variety of setups which can satisfy individual issues.

Our goal is to give the musician the optimum conditions necessary to find the right instrument.

The problem for the musician who seeks an instrument to suit his or her individual performance style and preference, is that the manufacturer must produce instruments with broad appeal to as many players as possible, at a favorable price. For example, a clarinet requiring some 840 operations, is produced in as little as 3 hours and 20 minutes, an average of about 15 seconds per procedure. Cost constraints and the inability to know a specific musicians tastes and desires clearly, make individualized production at the manufacturer level out of the question for all but a very rare few.

Instrument acquisition requires a special dedication, including precious time and monetary investment. A deeper understanding of its components, mechanics and acoustics will help the musician to more fully appreciate and enjoy what the instrument can do, expect and demand.

In other words: A good instrument does not need to be found, but made!

An optimized instrument enables everybody to compare them in their fault free state.
Customization fits the instrument to your individual needs.

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