Flex-Rep is our Win-win
After you have played your instrument for several years, the time comes, when costly repairs are needed or a new purchase is considered. An overhaul could most likely help to improve your instrument, but it is hard to determine, if that will be the best solution for you.

Lohff & Pfeiffer offers the Flex-Repair or Win-Win program, the perfect solution if you are undecided. L&P will perform a complete restoration -including silver plating if needed- of your instrument.
After the restoration, you pay for the repair, if the instrument feels the way you would like it. In case that you decide you would rather have traded it for a new or other restored instrument from L&P, you have that choice as well.
This way, you don?t underestimate the real value of your instrument. You can compare your restored and optimized instrument with other used or new ones, while all are technically on the same comparable level. Your judgement will be based on solid ground. It enables you to make a qualified decision.
If you prefer another used or new instrument, we will not charge for the repair. Instead we will trade in your old instrument for the price it was worth before the repair. This prevents you from choosing premature and might help you to save a lot of money.
We always recommend to get the keys with nickel-or damaged plating, silver plated. The reselling value is much higher for properly plated instruments.

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