Leather pads

Leather pad definition
There are many different kinds of leather pads on the market such as antelope, goat, cow, or kangaroo leather. The finer the leather, the smoother the surface.

Leather pad description
Depending on the animal, some don't breathe as much or less through the skin as we do. They can keep more humidity inside the body. These skins/leathers- like antelope or kangaroo- are more suitable for instrument pads. Others have many small pores that allow air to go through. This makes unprepared leather not suitable for good pads. Large pads, like for saxophone, will also have a resonator. Depending on the material, plastic or metal, will they reflect the sound differently. In general resonator pads are more projective.

Leather pad description
The L&P leather pads are all double sealed from the inside as well as from the outside to guarantee a good seal and prevents them from sticking, which can produce a very irritating production noise. These pads can easily last for 5-10 years. They will become harder over time and due for replacement as they become noisier in their old age. We offer our leather pads in white or black.

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