Precision and patience are the keys to good results .

One of the best-kept secrets is that "excellent instruments are not found, but made!" .

Optimization is beneficial to every player, independent of their personal preference or abilities. It is like improving the performance and efficiency of a car.

First, you should choose the instrument that best suits YOU, not the one with the least problems. Only a fault free instrument can properly be tested and enable the player to evaluate its full potential. Unfortunately, even brand new shiny instruments are often faulty. Many great instruments have been misjudged and overlooked because of small irregularities or errors. Optimization corrects all minor irregularities.

A proper understanding of optimization is important. It's like going from black and white movies to color. New dimensions open and a greater depth of the picture is seen.

The L&P Woodwind optimization technique is the result of years of experience. It consists of three major aspects and is applied to new and used instruments alike:

1. Production and material faults are eliminated (i.e. leaks and tone hole faults).

2. Long-lasting padding material or ball-bearing systems (which eliminate wear) improve performance and reliability

3. Noise reduction or resonance improvements enhance performance optimization techniques

4. Saves money and improves efficiency Read more

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