L & P selection: Ab to Contra bass, Metal to plateau, Reform boehm to Albert system.

We always try to have a larger selection of instruments in stock with a variety of brands and models; however, please let us know ahead of time what you are interested in since instruments are frequently out on trial or are in our different locations.

Try to keep an open mind and ear when you are looking for a new instrument. There are many different models and brands available. Don´t just look for the instrument which solves the problem your old one had.

If you would like to find something better, try as many options as possible. Many players end up with different models than they were shopping for after they tried alternatives. Some models are very similar to each other.
You might also consider a restored or used one. They aren't "bad" and sometimes play better than new ones. Do a blind test. Play melodies instead of scales when you compare them. Try the instrument with different dynamics and compare a variety of LP Setup

Exhibitions, Workshops and Masterclasses

Check out our tour schedule and meet us at one of the many exhibitions we participate in.

We often participate in
These are good opportunities to try and compare many instruments side by side. If you register on our mailing list or on our Facebook
page, we will be able to inform you in good time about events in your area Lohff & Pfeiffer Tour Calendar
All our own events are based on demand. Let us know if you are interested, and we will see if we can arrange something.

Instruments on trial
It is also possible to get instruments to send on trial read more

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