Have fun with Michael Lowenstern Lectures
In these examples, Michael Lowenstern demonstrates the sound effects that the L&P Silent Padding System has on large instruments.

All recordings made with the Black Ninja have been made with this setup. Michael now has the same setup on his silver-plated Selmer. It is not the black chrome plating that is responsible for the dynamic gain and quick response, but the increased density and nature of the silent pads, as well as numerous modifications to the instrument. Additional reflectors in the upholstery give the sound even more power and responsiveness.

Listen to a great sound sample that Michael Lowenstein arranged and performed. The first is written for 6 basses and shows the enormous dynamic range from depth to height.

Prince Hommage: How is it that you stop calling me (for 6 bass clarinets)

daylight saving time

yes. You can easily play high notes on the bass clarinet.

In 10 minutes you will learn how to breathe circularly. Really ..

My finger technique seems shit ... and how I fix it using technology.

How to solo Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" opening clarinet.

Fast, light tongue on bass clarinet - so you want to become a bass clarinetist.

The easiest way to sound 100% better on the clarinet - maybe even 110% better.

Don't miss the Lowenstern brothers!

Earth Wind &Fire, September - bass clarinet choir

BLACK by Marc Mellits (For 2 pure black bass clarinets. Hell yes.)

Tico Tico - duet for bass clarinet (or Clarinet) yes.

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