Commission sales
Comission sales
We can sell your instrument on commission. There are 2 different options:
1. We can sell it the way it is. We will offer it in our store and publish it on our webpage. When the instrument is sold will you receive the purchase price minus a commission for us. There will be no additional warranty for the buyer.
2. We will restore the instrument before we offer it. It will include our 3-year warranty, be in excellent condition, and usually gets a much better price. The buyer will pay us for the repair, and we will not charge any commission.
All shipping expenses are covered by the buyer.

Comission purchases When you but an instrument we sell on commission, there are two options: 1. You buy an instrument in the condition it is. There is no warranty from our side unless you decide to get it overhauled by us. 2. You buy an instrument that we restored. It will be covered by our warranty, and you can be sure we didn't charge any commission.

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