All repairs on instruments are performed with high precision, using the best material available, and are tested carefully. They are always tested prior to shipping.

Nevertheless, problems might occur. Often, a difference in humidity or transportation can be the reason that instruments get out of adjustment, crack, or binding tenons or keys. If there are undetected material problems or even faults on our side, we need to know to prevent it in the future

Instrument issues
If a problem occurs, the most common reasons are transportation, handling, or humidity issues. A quick call can often solve the problem.

If it's urgent-Call
1. Contact L&P immediately by phone! 415 470 6879 or +1812 929 5556 ext 5.
You don't send an e-mail to the fire department if it's urgent, call to be sure we received it and follow the instructions!

2. Otherwise, you may send an e-mail first to inform us of the problem ....E-mail

Shipping issues:
If you notice damage on the package, require a confirmation from the driver in writing! Don't accept the shipment without this confirmation. The Forwarding Act exempts any shipper of any responsibility as soon as the delivery has been done. Without his confirmation, refuse the parcel and let it return to us.

In all other cases inform us within eight days about the problems you experience.

Warranty claims

1. L&P will do anything necessary to take care of the issue

2. Depending on the situation we will either acknowledge a repair possibility or supply a spare instrument

3. Unauthorized repairs will void our warranty

4. All repairs have to be performed by any of our workshops or an authorized technician by Lohff & Pfeiffer USA.

5. Cracks on wooden instruments occur. Lohff & Pfeiffer will repair any crack within the three years warranty for free. If it goes through a tone hole, we replace it with a Delrin insert. Depending on the nature of the crack, Lohff & Pfeiffer can decide to replace the body if a replacement part is available. The warranty for the new body will be for one year. But It will not extend the original timespan for the warranty.

6. It doesn't reduce the need to pay our bill in full.

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