Complete Restoration
A restoration will restore the instrument to like-new condition. It includes the overhaul, the silver plating, and finally the restoration of the bore. We will restore the bore to its original dimension. Over the years, the bore wears out (due to swabbing) and increases in size. This causes many problems such as sharp pitch, intonation issues, lost focus, bright sound, and missing resistance. All of that can be regained with bore restoration.

Besides the overhaul with the silver plating, we will restore the bore to its original dimensions. Over the last 40 years, we have collected lots of data from many different brands and models. This data can now be used to restore the bore to its original state.

The instrument will sound like a new instrument, it will respond easier, the intonation will be more stable and the dynamic range will be wider. The mechanism will feel firm, aligned, and well balanced. The instrument will appear like a new one and all keys will feel smooth.

A silver plating will always require a complete overhaul afterward. It cannot be done the other way around.

Special win-win warranty:
Since the whole character of the instrument will be different from what you are used to and we cannot guarantee that you will like it, we offer our win-win option which should make sure that you will be happy whatever you decide.

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