Instrument on trial

L&P offers several options to try an instrument before you commit.

1. In Our Facilities

Here you will find the largest variety of instruments to try side by side. We can assist you with good advice, and we do all needed adjustments on the spot to get you the best result.

2. At Home

You can receive up to four clarinets, shipped to your home address, to test for up to 8 days. You pay only the shipping costs. It allows you to try them in a comfortable and familiar environment. You will have the chance to get feedback from your colleagues or teacher. Extensions and larger selections are possible on request and approval by our office. A late return fee is due if the agreed return day has passed. Instruments not returned within 30 days are considered sold. They remain our property until fully paid. Contact us for more details.

3. Outlets

Get a visit from one of our sales representatives or meet them at their events. The visit will be free of charge, and you will be able to choose from more instruments.

4. Exhibitions, Masterclasses, or Workshops

Visit us at one of the many exhibitions, workshops or masterclasses. There will be a large selection of instruments to choose from, and we will be able to assist you with advice and make any requested adjustments to the instruments. Check out our event calendar or sign up for the newsletter.

5. Group Demos

When several players are interested, we can arrange a personalized workshop in the location of your choosing. Contact us for more details.

6. Large Instruments

If you are looking for bass-clarinets, contra-alto, or contra-bass-clarinets, it is most advisable to either come to our events or arrange a meeting with us. It is costly to ship a large selection of instruments. We can offer you an excellent selection to choose from, eliminate the frustration of shipping and receiving cost, and you can get the instrument adjusted the way you would like it to be.

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