Overhaul with Silver-plating

With the newly silverplated mechanism the instrument will regain its original beauty. The silverplating will also be an extra protection for the keys as well as for yourself, due to the antibacterial effect silver has.
Please be aware that only the discussed restoration afterwards will bring the instrument into a completely like-new state.

In addition to the complete overhaul, this will include:
Complete disassembling of all mechanical parts including the posts from the body.
De-plating: removing of the worn-out plating, nickel and silver will be removed electrolytically as well as manually. Chrome can only be removed with an acid treatment and manual removal.
Degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, copper ground plating and finally silver plating.
Silver deactivation is possible on request (this reduces the chance of oxidation).

The instrument will keep its sound but will respond easier, the intonation will be more stable, and the dynamic range will be expanded. The mechanism will feel firm, aligned, and well balanced. The instrument will appear like a new one and all parts touched by your fingers will feel smooth.

*Attention* A silver plating will always require a complete overhaul afterward. It cannot be done the other way around.

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