Half automatic E/F mechanism for the left thumb

New resonance holes This mechanism will add two resonance keys to the lower part of your instrument.

Low E lever A thumb key lever next to the thumb rest will allow you to open the resonance keys. When pressed they will raise the pitch of the E or F. Otherwise everything will play the way you are used to. This mechanism is lighter and allows you to choose when to raise the pitch or not.

Adjustable lever On-demand, we can make the thumb lever adjustable, so that the height and angle position can be adjusted.

Removable option You can take off the keys and close the holes with bumpers if you don't need it and want to play on a lighter instrument. This allows you to play in tune when it is critical.

Improved low E sound Not only will the low E play in tune, but you will experience a much-improved sound for the E. It fits much nicer into the scale and has the same sound color as the low F

Thump operated low E/F correction mechanic on an A clarinet
Improved low E sound

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