Metal tenon and receiver.
LP-Metal tenon system

Through the installation of a precision metal socket and tenon sleeve to the middle joint of the clarinet, the two body parts will be connected, like the body was grown as one piece.

The socket is manufactured to fit snugly to the tenon. Due to its cylindrical shape, you can pull out the joints without risking a leak or wobble.

This provides for a better seal and a consistent sound with even resistance throughout the scale. This is especially noticeable in the clarion register. The sound will be better focused, the response is immediate and a high note will speak easier.

How it works: When you start to produce a note, you will first set the air column inside the instrument into vibration. Shortly after that, you´ll notice that the body starts to vibrate as well because you can feel the vibration in your fingertips. Now you have two vibrating systems in action and they will influence each other. They will produce additional overtones and enrich the sound.

By connecting the two body parts very tightly you increase the mass which has to vibrate. The very first note will, therefore, take a little longer before it has its full sound quality. But the advantage is that once in vibration, it will take longer before it stops vibrating. So when you play the next note you will need less energy. This phenomenon is well known. It is easier to slur to some difficult high notes than to attack them.

Would it also help to add the metal tenons to the barrel or bell? Absolutely, and we can provide that as well. This can also be added to your existing instrument.

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