Physical crack after the instrument got kicked over.
Accidental cracks

Physical cracks can look dramatic, but we can almost always repair them very nicely. They are very common on tenons and sockets.

The most common scenarios are :
1. that the instrument fell or got kicked over.

2. If the tenon has a very tight fit and gets pushed into the receiver, the receiver side can crack. The wood is fragile, and only the metal or carbon band will give it some support. It can also happen when the tenon wood is swollen.

Attention:These are the only cracks which sometimes can justify pinning! A better method is often carbon fiber bands. In most cases there are better ways and pinning should be the last option to be considered.


Thats what happens when you try to pull a stuck swab through the instrument with force the wrong way
Physical cracks are caused by force and are not covered by warranty.

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