Cleaning the mechanics
We can carry out cleaning to a limited extent. This will not be as intense as a general overhaul, since the flaps can only be cleaned by hand.

Lubrication of the mechanics
In order to keep wear and valve noise to a minimum, the old oil and grease are removed and the mechanics re-oiled and lubricated.

Cleaning the tone holes and the wood
In any case, it makes sense to thoroughly clean the tone holes, as calcium deposits, swabs and food residues can form a solid crust here, which can influence the sound and the intonation.

Reserve Instrument
If a reserve instrument is required, you can get it from us, if available. Any shipping costs incurred are to be paid by the customer.

Service Fees
The fees depend on the time required. A verbal estimate is free. A written one will be paid for at 33% of the hourly rate, but will be offset against the repair amount upon receipt of the order.

Appointments are highly recommended.

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